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Professional Full-Stack Developer

About Me

"I started coding for fun at school where I created Mortal Kombat, Pong and Duck Hunt on my Texas TI-82 calculator. After a masters degree in Astrophisics, I ran a DJ agency for which I developed a custom booking management system in MS Access / VBA. I have also been, over the last decade, building websites for myself and others culminating in a lead developer role in a web agency which I co-founded with a web designer."


"Throughout my professional career, I have been engaged with IT as a project manager and consultant, and after 8 years I decided to make the switch to professional developing. I enrolled onto a self-funded an IT training program with Just IT, where I specialised in both front- and back-end technologies."

- Dan Jones



Having taught myself many programming languages over the years, I am a fast learner and adopter of new technologies and ideas.


8 years in IT project management for large corportate clients gives me experience in professionalism and work ethic.


As a mathematician and physicist, I find logical tasks such as coding engageing and enjoyable. I am also quite good at them!

Front End


Back End



Responsive Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation

Professional Background


Lead Developer IQ Digital, 2014 - 2016 Co-founder and responsible for all development, SEO and impelementation
Managing Director Dan Jones Entertainments, 2003 - 2011 Ran an entertainments agency, providing DJs and live acts to bars, clubs, weddings and corporete events in and around London. Managing a team of DJs and roadies, managing clients and taking bookings, marketing, maintaining equipment, logistics.
Head of IT Consulting SmallWorlders, 2011 - Present Pitching & new business (jointly with MD), Unitiating all major new clients and projects, User research and UX for major projects, Information architecture, Intranet analytics & measurement techniques, Intranet engagement strategy, Speaking and representing SmallWorlders at conferences and events.
IT Account Manager SmallWorlders, 2009 - 2011 End-to-end delivery of all projects for a key client, Face-to-face meetings with all parties from client, escalation point for all day-to-day matters for that client.


Developers Professional Blended JustIT, 2017-2018 Working on a couple of projects. Acquired IT industry specific skills and knowledge about new technologies. Specialised in both front-end and back-end technologies.
MSci Astrophysics UCL, 1998 - 2002 Mathematical and theoretical physics techniques and their applications in relation to all elements of the cosmos. Also blended with astronomy, the measurement techniques employed to verify theoretical work.


Built using a bespoke template on top of a Joomla 3 back end, this is my personal DJ website. Used primarily to host my weekly radio show podcasts from mixcloud. Mainly hardcoded into index.php and with various php overrides, with each weekly podcast being taken from a Joomla article. This site uses a bit of jquery to give some nice effects to the homepage (see the parallax scrolling and the fixed menu). It is also responsive.


A brochure site for an oxford-based engineering firm. The main pages represent their key areas of operation, and there is an innovative overlay feature showing individual pages about their specific services. The site is predominantly hardcoded into index.php with various php overrides and a standard Joomla 3 CMS backend. Joomla articles control all of the service pages, allowing the site owner to add and remove services as they please. There is a lot of jQuery and the whole site is responsive.


Built using a bespoke template on top of a Joomla 3 back end, this is my personal developer portfolio. The site utilises bootstrap 4 and uses many of the features of HTML5 (canvas, form validation, semantic html elements) and CSS3 (transitions, animations, media queries). There is a fair amount of jQuery and javascript, and the site is fully responsive.


Built in WordPress using the layers template. Most of the site is created via custom html modules and additional css. This corporate website is responsive and highly SEO'd.


Built using javascript and css animations, this little game uses many javascript ES6 features like classes, modules, for-of loops, spread operators etc. The animations are made using css3 keyframes, and the game is fully responsive.


My first e-commerce site. This is a combination of a bespoke Joomla template, a modified JoomShopping Plugin and the standard Joomla 3 CMS. The JoomShopping backend manages all of the products, whereas the frontend shop is entirely custom using a compination of php, javascript and html. It connects with Paypal, utilises a lot of php overrides. Each page if the site is a Joomla article, and the site has been heavily SEO'd.


Built from the bottom-up (DB, back-end, front-end), this responsive site encompasses a public website with content and a submission form, and a private area for analysis of intranet usage data via the use of charts, heatmaps and data tables. There are also various admin functions to manage user accounts and three data-import functions via submitted forms, web APIs and manual input.

Login using username "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and password: "P@ssw0rd"


A fun little Christmas Card, this game features the staff of SmallWorlders hosting a "Wheel of Fortune" style gameshow. There are various festive prizes and fun to be won with each spin. The game is coded in javascript and jQuery, and utilises the well known Tween, and ScrollMagic modules to handle the scrolltime animation events. There is also a form which submits competition entries back to an email address for the company. The game is also fully responsive.


A bespoke Joomla 3 template creating a website for an independent opticians in Islington. This is a responsive, single-page site using scrollable panels to handle the architecture of the site. The majority of the site is hardcoded into index.php, with Joomla articles being used to create the text content for each page. Using the Joomla CMS, the owner is able to edit the text parts of each page (from either the front-end or the back-end). This site was also heavily SEO'd and sits in the top 3 for most of the targeted search terms.


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